Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NikonSniper 4000 Follower Drawing

Need extra storage space? Make sure you enter this NikonSniper drawing for a chance to win a Western Digital – My Passport Essential SE 1TB External USB Portable Hard Drive.
That’s right! When we cross the 4000 follower milestone in a few months, we will giveaway another 1TB Hard Drive in a continuing effort to say thanks to those of you who follow NikonSniper.
As I have said before, I wish I could give these to everyone to say thanks properly but I haven’t won a lottery yet. Your comments on this blog and all over the Internet on your own blogs about NikonSniper have been very encouraging and indeed humbling. Believe me, … I know I am not quite the photographer as some of you proclaim … but it is so nice to know it is appreciated. Many thanks to all of you.
Contest rules are simple!
1. You must be a listed follower of the NikonSniper blog. After the drawing, I will check to see if the winner is in the list of followers.
2. Respond to THIS post in the comments with the request, “Please enter me in the NikonSniper 4000 contest.”
3. Wait patiently. The winner will be drawn within days of crossing the 4000 follower milestone.
YES, you can win ... no matter where you are in the world. If you have an address we can send it to you. We have now had a winner in California of a 1TB Hard Drive and a winner of a 200GB Hard Drive was from far eastern Canada. And that’s like … way out there, EH! So, you can win no matter where on earth you live … unless of course, if you are one of my relatives. I don’t like kissin’ yer sister with a favor, so to speak.
Thanks again to all of you who make this blog interesting. You provide the words and meaning to many of the photos captured in my moments on the road. I have mentioned many times in the past that I do not comment on many photos on the blog because I like to hear what they mean to you without me explaining much about the photo. You all have a very different thoughts or stories remembered by the same photo and that’s where this blog truly becomes yours too!
Good luck and God bless you all!
NikonSniper Steve

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