Tuesday, July 26, 2011

See New Blog - A Purpose For Brokenness

Yesterday, I discovered a new blog by Alice Alfred called "A Purpose For Brokenness". Fellow bloggies, check out her posts called "Ugly October; The Month Of Loss" and "34 Years - For What?"
Alice writes very candidly about the struggle we all face for our hearts. Actually ... read everything Alice writes! I had tears in my eyes. I am convinced if you read these two stories you will want to follow this blog!
God is in a battle to get your attention and win your heart and soul. God loves you so much he will allow all kinds of trials so that you might call to Him. God is the ONLY ONE who is able to bring good out of bad situations. God is merciful and will bring victory if you will allow Him into your life.
Thanks Alice for being vulnerable! I want ALL readers of NikonSniper to see your blog and encourage you.
Alice, You write like David in the valley and on the mountaintop. We can FEEL your words! God will use you when you are real with people. Keep on running for Him! I am praying big things for you and you will write from more mountaintops soon. Read 2 Chronicles 15:7!
NikonSniper Steve

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